Nineteen years young.

Music♥ Art♥ Photography♥ The rain♥ Smokes under the stars♥ Corsets♥ Holdups♥ Nights out♥ Tatts♥ Piercings♥ Pinup♥ My guitars♥ My piano♥ My sax♥ Typewriters♥ Russian Dolls♥ Old cameras♥ People♥ Singing♥ Candle lit rooms♥ Lipstick stained cigarettes♥ Lace♥ Stilettos♥ Vinyl♥ Fairy lights♥ Long walks in the rain♥ Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' roll! ;D♥ Incredible skylight♥ Laughter♥ Lovebites♥ & the sound of your voice in the morning♥

'Fake' is only when you're trying to be something you're not.


I'm open to opinions. Every one is unique. So don't be shy.
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